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Monday, February 26, 2007

Lessons from placements

Now that the placement week is over, I thought it’ll a good idea to jot down a few learning points from the process. These might be useful for the next batch as well----
a) This year ISBians have proved that career shifts are possible. We were told about two aspects of a shift—Functional and location. There is a third one—Markets. If the market is hot and they need ppl and u r smart and know ur stuff any shift is possible.
b) Be ready for surprises---both pleasant and unpleasant
c) Grades are not at all correlated with where one lands up. Except in case of a few consulting shortlists (mind you only shortlists and not conversions!!) grades have not mattered at all. Your personality, communication skills, fit with the employer, prior work ex, and leadership skills matter a lot. Therefore the aim should be to enhance learning—work more on subjects you really want to learn—and not fight with the TAs for each CP point!
d) Ppl you think would get placed on day zero may not get placed till day 10 and vice versa. (Not everyone though!)
e) Most of the employers look for fit. If you come across as someone who cant work with teams, has an attitude problems and thinks that you are god’s gift to humanity just because you were lucky enuf to do whatever you did in your pre ISB life or at ISB, GOD BLESS YOU. As a manager, it extremely important to be able to work with other ppl—after all if you cant work with them how are you going to lead them!!
f) There will be administrative issues. Its just because of the way this system is designed. Improvements are happening each year but be prepared to face these—
g) Unbelievable S&%t will happen. Best policy is to concentrate on your own agenda and not to worry about who is getting what!
h) Term 8 will be bad no matter what subjects you take. Post placements, it is almost impossible to even sit and read—forget about absorbing. Bad bad bad---
i) The site hit count for random ISB blogs (like this one) would almost treble during placement time, even with very few posts. This shows how important placements are for an Indian B-School--

More learnings as I get along with life in Term 8---


  • At 2:06 PM, Blogger Abhishek said…

    Venkat, Ur blog has helped me a lot during my application process right upto the point that I got my admit.
    And now this is like a bonus! I was really thinking about asking some1 about the placement process and this blog has helped. Thank you so much and Best of luck!


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