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Monday, March 05, 2007

Life at ISB : A snapshot

I was expecting to post a few holi pix but unfortunately, the people who have clicked pictures (read my pictures) have not uploaded them as yet and I don’t want to waste valuable google/ blogger space featuring random people. Nevertheless, holi was celebrated with great pomp and show at ISB. Madness prevailed (and so did bhang) and everyone had a really good time.

So coming back to the main point—I would divide ISB life into five parts—Term 1, Terms 2, 3 and 4, Term 5 and 6, Term 7, and Term 8 (well you may say that there are just 8 terms so you might as well have 8 parts but simplicity my friends is not the forte of an MBA since we exist to make and keep thing complex—hence 5 parts )

This post would provide a snap shot on which we will build upon later (notice the “WE” like WE the people of India ----)

Part 1: Term 1

Acads: Everyone and his/her cousin at ISB is out there to triumph the world in term 1. When you step in, you would believe,( I mean really believe and its true for 90% of the junta) that you would be in top 10 or atleast in the dean’s list (This would be your worst case scenario). You would do assignments and study like there is no tomorrow.

Life: You would make a lot of friends (sometimes girlfriends and boyfriends), discuss stuff, receive and give gyan, think and boast that you were the best in your company, give shitloads of gyan if you have been a consultant or I banker with lesser mortals gazing at you waiting for pearls of wisdom. In a nut shell you will get settled and before you know, it will be over

Part 2: Terms 2,3,4

Acads: Atleast 417 and a half ppl out of 418 would agree that the best word to describe this period is “Rape” (apologies for the lingo but I can’t think of a better word). The workload will be killing and no Professor would spare you of it. This period would become particular stressful for those who are seriously considering Consulting as they would really need to work on their grades. Other average/ below average types like me would be trying to avoid that frightening B neg or C to salvage some pride. Tons of MBA fundas would be fed into you and by the end of it you would feel as if you are very close to nirvana.

Life: A mixed bag. In our batch it was more of a getaway from assignments and work. Some people would continue to work hard, some would work on networking, some others would give up and some would curse the day they decided to do an MBA and that too a one year version. Friendships and bonds would strengthen, section bonding will increase, groups will become comfy with each other and life would seem more or less settled.

Part 3 Term 5 and 6

Acads: Would take a lil bit of backseat though not fully. Some subjects you would do would be really awesome and hence may be for the first time you would study for learning and not just grades. Grades would certainly stop making a difference as you would know they are not going to be out before placements. Advanced subjects would require a lot of mugging and understanding from technical interview standpoint.

Life: Placement pressure would start building. You would seriously start worrying about where you are going to land up. If you will get that coveted shortlist etc etc. In our batch there were very few parties during this time. Comfy of core group would have gone and you would juggle to keep up with million groups and a billion schedule clashes. If you were not a nocturnal creature already you would surely become one now for completing the coursework

Part 4 Term 7

Acads: Take a complete backseat. Only thing you study is whatever is relevant for interviews. Courses would exist just by the way. Most people would take just bare minimum courses and work like crazy towards placements.

Life: wont exist.

Others: Most intl companies would have final rounds in Term 7. Consulting shortlists would be out. Campus would go crazy. Many surprises would come up. As the placement week approaches it will get really tense. Placement week would be one crazy period. However, it would end well and one fine day you will find that all your near and dear ones are placed. A huge sigh of relief---now its party time

Part 5: Term 8

Acads: Yeh kya hota hai?

Life: Well what can I say---- it has just started and I don’t want it to end—

Some more insights soon.


  • At 1:42 PM, Blogger Kaustubh said…

    Hey Venkat,

    You scared the shit outta me man ! Dint find a lotta good parts !


    CO 2008

  • At 1:49 PM, Blogger Venkat said…


    Blame it on my writing style but i dint mean to scare anyone. Life at ISB is tons of fun and there is loads of fun in all the work you would do--Everyday from Term 1 to Term 8, there'll be something to look fwd to--so dont worry too much--Read previous posts and other blogs for pleanty of fun moments--

  • At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Herbie said…


    I hope you're kidding, otherwise ISB is not for you.

    This place is hard on you and you have to be ready for that.

  • At 11:56 PM, Blogger chucky said…


    Your description of the first two terms is dead on.


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