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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Buildup to Graduation

Now since India is out of the World Cup, we would be all the more jobless in next couple of weeks. The date of graduation has been fixed as April 7th. Next week is last week of classes and the week after that is "disorientation". All assignments, course work, exams etc are due by end of next week. Exit formalities would need to be completed.

Yesterday we had the last PGP open forum. Most of the discussions were focused on the placement process and how to get things better next time. No system is perfect and there is always room for improvement. Also, the system doesn’t work equally well for all individuals. I feel as a batch as long as we have conveyed common concerns and they are taken care of , things should be fine. It is also important for the next batch to be aware of issues and work from the beginning with the authorities to set them right. Therefore it is important to pay rapt attention to all the gyan sessions during the orientation week and interact closely with the alumni.

It was mentioned by someone in the session that this year was perhaps the best year of our lives in terms of education and life. I echo that sentiment. ISB has been a wonderful experience over all. The amount of learning that happened, exposure to world class faculty, amazing peer group and a wonderful set of friends—the whole experience is overwhelming in retrospect.

The year book asked for the biggest takeaway from ISB. Beyond doubt, it’s the social network. Many potential business leaders of tomorrow are known to me. I am very confident that these contacts would certainly help me in one way or the other in future. Time will tell—

Two weeks is all that remains. Two weeks hence, we’ll not belong to this place any more. We’ll be history. Two weeks hence this place would await a new set of individuals who would come in with new set of hopes, aspirations and dreams, two weeks hence we’ ll be MBAs. Two weeks hence, we’ll be alumni. Last two weeks-------


  • At 4:18 PM, Blogger Aditya Sarvjeet said…

    History decides what the future will be like!!

    If you bright guys will become our history then we know our futures are bright!!

    All the best for the graduation day...God bless u!!!

    Aditya, Co08


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