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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Last class

I will be attending my last class at ISB today. It seems like just yesterday we when we came to this place—a fascinating train journey from Mumbai. We already had loads of fun on our way. Then there was that journey through the terms: Core and electives, pain at times and mostly fun, those wild parties, those boozing sessions, those numerous night outs for assignments with no sense of day or night, the placement fever, the placement week and the post placement blast which still continues. The year has gone by at the speed of light.

A couple of days ago, a bunch of students got together and staged a skit portraying all the events and characters that stand for class of 2007. No one was spared and it was hilarious. One particular recruiter and some alum(s) associated with that recruiter were literally butchered. I was surprised to see how much can you screw up on your and your firm’s reputation by just subtle actions when nothing is really wrong with either. Just a lesson as to what one should (or rather should not) do as an alum. However, all was in good fun spirit and I hope it means nothing. I am sure a video would be available soon on You tube so “curious types” can figure out what I am talking about.

Graduation ceremony starts at 10.30ish on April 7th. Everyone has got two passes (plus a spouse pass, where applicable). But most people want everyone they know on planet earth to see them in graduation gown! Since extra passes are limited there is going to be a huge scene when they put them up for sale this evening.

Some of us are planning to take a vacation trip, the last one with ISB friends as ISB students for most of next week, since all coursework and exams would end by Saturday. ISB has come to agreement with Microsoft that they would let the WiN XP and MS office remain on our laptops. So there will be no reformatting of the machines. Only some un-installation of educational software. We get software worth Rs.18000 for free!

Section A got together for the last Section dunking yesterday. Here is probably our last pic in Section T shirts

(The Sec A gang in Sec Tees.(not everyone though!) The B'day girl Mansi can be seen with a cake all over her face and nicely dipped in the pool!)

Looking forward to graduation.


  • At 3:00 PM, Blogger Saikrishna said…

    Hey dude, here's wishing you all the very best in your future endeavours.

    It was great reading your blog all these days.



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