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This blog is about me and my life at ISB--Hence the name I,Me, Myself. Its just a chronicle of events as they unfold during my tenure here. No knowledge sharing, no talk about finance, public policy, economy or industry trends..(However that does'nt mean i dont know about all this stuff:))--This is a "gyan free" blog.Enjoy reading

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Life after ISB, updates

Once a blogger, always a blogger they say. (dont ask me "they" who!). I ve been asked by many ppl to continue to post. Also, some of my fellow bloggers are still posting. So heres one to get started.

Anyways, couple of things just cos i cant resist posting this---

The ISB alum community is stronger and geographically more wide spread that i thought. A bunch of alums got together in Zurich in the first week of June. To our surprise, Dean was visiting Switzerland and joined us. It was great to catch up about ISB life, although it left me feeling really nostalgic.

Class of 2008 seems to be getting into the grade race. Also, from the posts i got the feeling that some of the guys are carrying a heavy baggage of their past lives and past achievements and cant stop talking about it. Although, its nice to be able your past life to the stuff you learn at ISB, i think one benefits more if you start with a clean slate. Forget about whatever you did. Get used to being a student again. Its hard, but thats the way to optimise learning.

Also , avoid getting too much into the grade race. It might benefit some, but if you draw a normal curve, the population of ppl benefiting from exceptional grades, while there was nothing else on their profile is just the tapering portion of the tail in the one tailed test! (<5%)

So enjoy life and cherish each moment out there. And never mind alums who write unwanted blogposts.