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This blog is about me and my life at ISB--Hence the name I,Me, Myself. Its just a chronicle of events as they unfold during my tenure here. No knowledge sharing, no talk about finance, public policy, economy or industry trends..(However that does'nt mean i dont know about all this stuff:))--This is a "gyan free" blog.Enjoy reading

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Talk on Real Estate Sector

Just came back after attending a talk on importance of the Real estate sector in investment portfolios, delivered by Dr Stephen Roulac.

He has an amazing profile and its one of the leading experts in the field of Real estate. He spoke about real estate sector in general, its evolution and its importance in emerging market economies.

One of the interesting takeaways from the talk was that Mr Roulac was extremely bullish about growth of Real estate sector in India and predicted growth in the range of about 260% in the coming decade! He also made interesting comparisons between the projected growth rates in the sector amongst the emerging markets and emphasized on importance of superior infrastructure for achieving sustained growth in the sector.

Over all - an extremely interesting session

Monday, May 29, 2006

Closure—Term 1

Its really hard to believe that we are very close to completing our first term at ISB. This week is the last week of classes, and then two days of exams and bang --Term 1 is over.

Already i have witnessed many friendships, romantic ties, gangs, clubs, groups, focus groups, out of focus groups and what not! Considering that this has just been the beginning of the most wonderful year of our lives makes me feel really excited about the time to come.

Many people are planning to go home for the term break and are already making plans about how to spend their time. The first term has been very difficult period for many since a lot of us came into the classroom mode after a long time. By now almost everyone is more or less used to the workload of assignments, classes and exams. This is one of the reasons people are so tired of the term and are desperately looking forward to the break------------

Attaching a beautiful night-shot of the acad center. This is by far the best in my collection. Don’t remember who has clicked this snap but of course, the picture was not taken by me as I am no good with the camera or rather the camera is no good with me----pls pardon copyright violation if any--

Exams are the top priority for next 7 days---

Friday, May 26, 2006

Dunked for Arbit----

Sec A have pioneered a new tradition. Dunking people who allegedly indulge in Arbit CP! Till now reasons for dunking were limited to B'days. But i thought it was more a function of the economics midterm results which were declared on the same day---Frustrations had to come out-------
So it was N's turn the other day. Check out these pics-----Heres the "accused"N walking down to the meeting place. He was told its someone's Bday!!!!! Phas gaya panchi jaal mein

Sec A people are ruthless when it comes to punishing the people indulging in Arbit. Although i must say that N was very sporting and played along the joke very well--------Kudos-thats the ISB spirit

For those who dont know:

CP stands for Class participation which carries marks. A person allegedly indulging in Arbit CP means he/she does the CP but talks something that is not relevant to the topic in contention thereby wasting class time----------

Thanks to Manu and Mama for the pics

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Will I be able to----

Blog regularly? Is one of the many will I be able to ? questions I am asking myself these days (others being trivial issues like will I be able to pass this term, this course et al). Blogging is fun but its a serious challenge amidst the impossible schedules that ISB imposes upon you.

An example of schedule at ISB over next three week period and beyond looks like this:
Week Three weekend: Friday Exams. Second phase of the term starts, new professors—so a lot of pre reads for Saturday and Sunday
Week Four: Full of classes, an impossible number of assignments and icing on the cake we have classes on weekend too.
Week Five: High pressure. Exams early next week. Assignments. We actually need to study for the exams now
Week Six: Exams on first two days. If you are thinking that rest of the week would be free-------keep dreaming. Some of us have Leadership Dev program. Come next week Term two begins!!!!

The year looks like a 24 x 7 production line where we have no control over the conveyer and it just keeps moving ( here conveyer being time) and we work 3 shifts!!. So now I know what a one year MBA is all about.

But the biggest positive aspect of being in a school like ISB is that there is absolutely no compromise on the course coverage and the quality of learning expected from the students. So if one takes a long term view of things, its of immense benefit to all.

Coming to campus life-loads of stuff happening. Mostly political, but since I am a political animal—I kind of like it. Was a lil disappointed to see a poor turnout at Soapbox presentations for very important posts. I guess workload got better of many people. Expecting better turnout for today’s session------

Meanwhile my battle with grades and assignments continues---------

Regarding the question i asked upfront----i am trying my best to continue

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The First shock

Its been quite a while I have performed pathetically in an exam.(that’s cos its been quite a while I ve taken an exam -----) But good old days came back with nostalgia yesterday when we had our midterm exams. The first subject went ok ( atleast I would like to believe this till the grades are out) but the second one was quite a disaster. For me I would say it was just a taste of “ good” things to come. For more details a visit to Mama’s blog would be required.

What was interesting was the reaction of people. Some were shattered, some disappointed and some plain happy cos everyone else has also screwed up. Talking of exams, I have realized after these ones that exams are here to stay for the next 11 months of my life at ISB. Every 15 days there ll be an exam and between two exam numerous assignments and between assignments numerous quizzes and classes---- So that’s life's way of telling us "You asked for it now you have it! " But nevertheless I guess that’s what MBA life is all about.

Next week @ ISB is going to be a political jamboree. With the Directors’ elections on the cards and a lot of people contesting for a lot of posts, it would be an interesting event from a spectator’s stand point.

Meanwhile we have an intersection football tourney which starts in exactly about half an hour. This should be another interesting event to watch out for.

With several assignments and pre reads to complete and Saturday almost gone, I am overwhelmed to say the least. Already thinking about the next exams 15 days down the line------but does that help? So people pls let me know your views if you like—Is it of any use studying for an exam at ISB like the usual type of exam? What else should be done?--------------?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

New President

I had to write this blog entry now, as all my propaganda for democracy has come to its first conclusion. We have a new President for our Graduate Student Board.

I feel it’s quite a bad time to have announced the results especially for the new man at helm in view of the exams tomorrow. Nevertheless I feel we have a good president now and it should help us in the year going forward. Time will tell the story of his success.

Many more tests of democracy to follow in the coming weeks but before that its my first exam tomorrow –so I should better be studying than writing a blog.

More after I win my battles against Stats and Economics tomorrow. (Or may be they ll get better of me!!)

Monday, May 15, 2006

For Democracy

Just came back from the soapbox for the GSB Presidential elections. All the candidates made their respective “Elevator Pitches” as they call it. I was a little disillusioned by the way things shaped up. I would like to believe that given the forthcoming Midterm exams there was a certain lack of enthu among the student body.

I believe that a democratic process, in order to be successful has to be participative. Participation again comes from two levels: Contestants and voters. A lack of participation from either side or even one side does not help the cause. In this scenario the elected body cannot be said to be the true representation of the population and so it defeats its own purpose of existence.

It is understandable that exams are pressure but is it not our responsibility to make sure that our school progresses through the year in good stead ? Those who are indifferent to the political process have no right to crib later.

I believe that it’s the collective responsibility of all concerned to participate and make the democratic process a success. If we fail to do that, we are loosing out big time.

Yaa I know this is getting a little more opinionative than usual, but then the very purpose of a blog is expression of opinions. Isnt it?

My two cents to all: Cast your vote. It wont effect your A grade ( if you are getting one otherwise ). May the best man (as there are no women in contest----) win.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Elections and Mid term

After amma has lost ground in Tamilnadu and change of governments takes place in a few other Indian states, its election time at ISB too. The elections for the President GSB have been announced recently and as everything else in ISB its very fast track. Just two days for nominations, one day for soap box and boom we are ready to vote. All the netas (read Presidential candidates) have suddenly become active and are actively or passively seeking votes. Manu wrote in his blog that the President of the GSB is the face of the school and has to be some one we can look upto. Well, I cannot agree more. Today I was discussing with some fellows about the qualities we should look for in the GSB president. I have come up with the following list:

1) Clarity of thought and clear agenda for the year
2) Easily approachable
3) Impartial attitude
4) Unquestionable integrity
5) Ability to manage the team of directors. This is important as unlike in case of a formal organization, the Prez wont exersice any real authority to get the work done.
6) Presentable and a good communicator

Basically some one we can trust with 95% confidence interval. (Yeah that’s the Stats effect). I am not sure who all are contesting and what will be their agendas but it would be out soon.

Another hot event is approaching. It’s the mid term exams. While some people are eagerly waiting for the exam to be able crack them and get their precious grades, some others are a bit scared. From my side I have broken the record of staying past midnite as I am up and running writing this post at 1.30 am. But I guess, this is rather going to be a norm than exception in the days to follow. LRC is full of people pouring over all kinds of stuff and the first exam is showing its true effect.

This is just going to get more intense in the next week. I am hoping for a combination of relaxation and effective work over the remaining two days of the weekend. Next week is going to be full of action with GSB elections and Mid term preps going on in full swing side by side. I would be watching closely---

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Two points!

I hate putting it on my blog , but its official. We lost two points on the economics assignment. 36 out of 38 rounded off to two decimal places is 94.74%. Not bad huh. That’s what a normal person would say. But at an intensely competitive place like ISB this is what I heard:

1) Hey average score on the assignment is 37.65—That means you guys are below average!! May be all of you are below average students( Can u believe it)
2) Forget about Mckinsey. Start looking for other jobs.( as if all of us were getting into Mckinsey)
3) Would you guys manage to pass?
4) How would you recover? (from what)
5) Hey you guys are not that bad. I heard someone got 35 as well ( Oh really, that makes me so happy)
And so many other comments---

Well of course all these comments were made on a lighter note, but the larger part of the problem has got me thinking. ISB is an intensely competitive place with best of the best people. Some of the people are just brilliant in everything they are upto. That perhaps puts all the more pressure on people not to loose two marks. Many of us are finding the sudden changes in life like sitting in classes, struggling with assignments, endless group meetings (read debates) and studying for extended hours a bit too much. On the top of it midterm exams are round the corner. But as they say, some exam or the other is always round the corner at ISB!!

So what do we do? Well do something, anything or everything to scrape thru. I think its important to keep a work life balance @ ISB.I have found that indulging in sports and an occasional gossip does help. Blog writing helps too. ( I am not too sure if reading this would help!!)

Life shall go on. After the Eco assignment, after the mid term and after Term 1 (actually it would go on even after that, but that’s as far as I can think of right now!!)—So I better prepare for the next assignment now. Oh boy does this cycle ever end at this place?? Hmm--- Apr 7 2007 ??—far away

Monday, May 08, 2006

The first pictures

Right after the first assignment, its was time for the CAS photo shoot. I must say that people's appearence does change with attire------Here are some snaps of the future business leaders of India( if you think thats too much well what can i say !)

Back row(L to R) me, Vibhor, Aditya, Rahul, front: (Lto R) Urvija and Sowmya( theWundergal). Thats group A1 for you

Thats Group A1 with Akshit( the future of Mckinsey) in the middle.

Those are some of the very handsome men @ ISB

We got baked in the Sun with our business suits on for these pix. But overall it was good fun.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Pleasures of the First assignment

These days we are doing our first submission assignment at ISB. Its an Economics assignment. The Prof makes it sound very simple. But Junta is finding it to be a bit tricky. All said and done mostly everyone would eventually do it with or without the cooperative council’s (read the guys who know it all) help. What is interesting to note is, that how different people react to the situation. Here are some examples:

The Know it alls: These are found in plenty at ISB. They don’t bother about the assignment as they know that they know it. They just talk to everyone in their group, finish off the stuff and chillax.

The Confused Tribe: They know that they know, but they cant have enough of it. They solve the questions, resolve them and then consult the “Know it alls” to make sure they are right. Still they are not convinced that they are right. So they keep struggling.

The I wont tell anyones: These people are always under camouflage. They pretend as if they are struggling, but actually they are not. Some of these people get sadistic pleasures out of discussing and confusing others( especially the confused tribes)

The I don’t cares: For this tribe, assignment et al is no big deal. Hopefully they would complete it by the submission dates, but they would like to party hard over the weekends.

And finally the bamboozleds. That’s my tribe. They have no clue what is going on. They sit to study for an assignment and all they end up doing is writing some silly blog. These people need a lot of luck and prayers

Ha—lots to do. First week itself has been a good lesson at ISB. Aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rendezvous with Term 1

So I have attended one class each of all the four subjects. The Profs are fantastic to say the least. Never ever before in my life have I sat thru the academic lectures without looking at my watch. The amazing quality of faculty ISB offers, is one of the most important characteristic that distinguishes it from other schools across the nation. Nothing against faculty at other schools, but the faculty at ISB are all perhaps the best available worldwide. So in a way, it seems full paisa wasool if I am allowed to say that.

I have the following first impressions about the courses:

Accounting: God bless the guy who has introduced this course. Absolute elementary stuff for us, but my dear engineer friends will surely have a good time ( wink wink).

Marketing: Taught by two of the best Profs worldwide. Never thought that it has so much math and BEP analysis. I thought it was full of faff but the first class has proved me wrong. Plus given, the quality of Profs, the course promises to be an interesting proposition.

Statistics: Banking upon C to teach me stuff on Friday. The Prof is very humorous and an absolute master of the subject. Looking forward to “learning” statistics for the first time in life . This subject is going to receive maximum attention from my side as I feel I have inadequate knowledge of the same

Economics: Absolute charm. And I could understand everything taught in the first class. Prof is so kool. Hoping I can come upto the mark and understand concepts.

Its still early days for us at ISB and donno how things will shape up. As of now I feel I can scrape thru. Life, dunkings, Gyan session, club sessions et al continue as usual.

Life is pretty kool