I, Me, Myself and ISB!!

This blog is about me and my life at ISB--Hence the name I,Me, Myself. Its just a chronicle of events as they unfold during my tenure here. No knowledge sharing, no talk about finance, public policy, economy or industry trends..(However that does'nt mean i dont know about all this stuff:))--This is a "gyan free" blog.Enjoy reading

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Life on track- Dunkings, Perpective building and Arbit CP

Life in ISB seems to be getting on track as we approach Term 1 starting Monday. People are slowly settling down in their so called homes and getting ready for the grind awaiting them, come Monday.
Meanwhile the Preterm courses have equipped us with basic skill sets required to pursue our PG program ( supposedly). This is true not only for the classroom studies but also for the skill sets needed to survive @ ISB in general. I would discuss these in brief:

1) Dunkings: Dunking is the order of life @ ISB. You do something you get dunked, you don’t do anything you get dunked, you speak you get dunked, you keep quiet you get dunked. Basically you are under a dunking threat all the time. (For those who don’t know about dunking, it’s the term used for throwing a person in the pool at our Rec center). So if its you bday you get dunked compulsorily. Yesterday it was D’s turn. With her 3-4 others also got dunked. This also happens all the time. Dunkings are organized by respective sections for the bday boy or girl. Yesterday some of us sec A ppl were clicking pictures at the dunking session. Suddenly Sec F ppl ( the bday girl was from sec F) said oh Sec A ppl are here lets dunk them. We managed to escape. It proved that we have managed to learn the art of surviving dunkings. Absolutely vital @ ISB.

2) Perspective building: Our Alums told us to build perspectives on important issues. Take an example of a group. X is chatting with Y about most useless stuff on earth. A and B are discussing couples on campus. E and his study group are discussing Sarovar food. C and D are smoking in the atrium and P and Q are playing computer games. A normal person outside the campus would say they are gossiping. At ISB we call it perspective building. Another extremely vital skill to survive. We build perspectives and keep building on them.

3) Arbit CP: Thanks to the gyan sessions and blogs of the alums everyone is familiar with Arbit CP. But our batch is really great. Even before the term has started, people have started practicing Arbit CP. Theres no end to questions. Whatever session is organized, people have to ask all kinds of questions Here are some examples.( some of them are gathered during perpective building sessions and some others are first hand experiences)
A: So whats the answer to the Fedex case( can u believe this??????)

B: 43

C: no how come. My answer is 10

B: no its 43
(The Fedex case is a marketing CASE STUDY not a math problem
Accounts Prof: So if we pay by cash, the cash account reduces

Student: What if we pay by Cheque?
Statistics Prof: Suppose if a person tosses a coin, theres an equal probability of either Heads or Tails turning up.

Student: What is the probability that the person would actually toss the coin?

So I guess we all have acquired ample of these skills now. I have started playing squash & swimming regularly and sticking to routine. Have already made some good friends and a lot of acquaintances. Fedex case will rule till Monday. Term 1 is here. No more taking it easy. Its all going to be graded. Let the music begin--------------

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Preterm and Gyan et al

Why on earth did I opt for these preterm courses? They make me study things which are not even graded. That’s how I was feeling on the first day of classes. Most of our Pre-term courses are very basic and are designed to develop concepts and basic understanding of the subject. But the lectures are going at rapid speed given the short duration of the course and I am far from doing things the way they should be done. There are a few smart ones who havnt opted for any of the preterms and are studying for the core terms. O god y cant I think straight like these people. Study what matters get your grades and voila—

So here I am trying to solve some quant problems which I did loooooooooooooooong time ago( seems like it was some previous life form that one or may be I am really old) and have forgotten everything. And all I end up doing is writing this blog. Come term one only some divine powers can save me if don’t mind my ways.

Coming to Gyan we are having an overdose of it. There are people who have had experience in hotshot areas ( read consulting and Ibanking) who organize sessions and speak endlessly to lesser mortals who gaze at them in wonder! ( well consulting wasn’t bad as I was one of the organizers—wink wink), but I believe we are over doing it and doing it ahead of time. Just turn to any corner of the campus and you will find people giving or receiving gyan. All this is making me feel sick and laugh at the same time. For now I have decided not to attend any more gyan sessions and study the course materials for a change. Consulting or no consulting, I bank or no I bank I have to Graduate. Hence its important to do the basic stuff correctly—

Getting late for the class; will go straight into the class to avoid any arbit gyan session

Sunday, April 23, 2006

About People and Perceptions

I have wanted to post this on the blog for last two days but was just deliberating if I should. However, I am doing it anyways as this is one of the most hilarious incidents I have come across here.

Its about perceptions the human mind tends to have about people we havn’t even met. ISB is a conglomerate of people with diverse ethnic backgrounds. Certain names tend to inspire a smile or even a laugh when we come across them. Suddenly, it’s the tendency of people to come up with a mental picture of the person. For instance a person with a name like Gabbar Singh is supposed to have big moustache and a heavy voice and so on.

So here we are. There is this guy , A who has an interesting name and theres this guy B who wants to meet the other guy just for his name ( cos he has a certain mental picture of the person and he wants to ensure that its correct). So our guy B goes to the dining hall and given the mental picture of a frail and pale looking creature, he asks this guy in the queue if he is A.

Can you guess who it was? The economics professor. Now B is going crazy about the whole episode and given the fact that some alumni told him that the Prof is very good in remembering faces, B thinks hes going to loose grades in the subject.

So there comes our first MBA lesson: “Never have preset perceptions”

Ha ha I am getting better with gyan.

PS: This post would ve been better with real names but I cant write them for obvious reasons. Those who know the reference to context would enjoy it better

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Talent Galore

We had a talent nite yesterday. I was flabbergasted to see the talent in our batch. Not only were the performances spirited, they were also of highest quality. The whole thing looked like a rock show concert. There were many skits, spoofs and dances that added a unique flavor to the event.

Our Dean seems to be a very simple and down to earth person. He just walked into the talent night event and sat besides one of the students. One should have seen the reaction of the student when he saw the Dean himself sitting right next to him. I was watching closely and it was great fun.

Our section A did put up a couple of very spirited performances but was not fortunate enough to win. Nevertheless, I am very proud to be a part of this section and I honestly believe that we are the best section. (Even though they dunked me).

Talking of sections, some alums were of the opinion that we should not stretch the section wars too much. We all are ISBians first and then Sec A,B,C---simple things but people keep forgetting.

All gyan sessions will end today. Come Monday, Its going to be studies and classes. I am yet to open the books. Plan to do it sometime soon. A lot of club activity has started unofficially. Finance and Consulting clubs are going to be active next year as there are a lot of enthu ppl around. Other clubs like EVC, Manufacturing etc also have started some meetings. Signs of a great year ahead.

First week gone—50 more left. I already feel this place has been my home forever----

Will quote the slogan we were chanting last night “ ISB Rocks”----------

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Got Started

So finally on campus---

ISB has so much on offer. I am confused and scared. Kya karoon kya nahin karoon. But it seems that everyone is posed with the same question when they come to ISB.

We are have a lot of gyan sessions as a part of orientation. So much gyan-- my head seems like a computer with a full 100 GB disk cos it takes a lot of time to start and even after starting theres no space left to store anything. I guess i will have to go in for extenal media for the courses(read groupmates)

We have been divided into study groups. Mine is sec A Group A1. Comments on group: ROCKS

My Quad: Bunch of silent(but nice) guys: ROCKS as well--

We were taken to a bunch of govt schools by the Net Impact club to interact with kids and do a profiling of the needy kids. Absolutely amazing experience.

Some of my observations so far:
1) Earlier for first 2 days people used to move in groups based on geography. Like i was hanging out with mumbai Junta. But now suddenly Section and group have assumed importance. Me has barely spoken to Mumbai friends not in Sec A for last 2 days

2) Each section is supposed to have a slogan and a chant. People are using all their creativity to come up wth all kinds of whacky stuff

3) We have intersection competitions going on. Section A MUST win.

4) 90% of the batch is eyeing consulting jobs. Me wondering if so many get into consulting there will be no one left to provide consultancy to( is this making any sense?)

5) Services at housekeeping are excellent. I guess it will be difficult for us once we are out cos all bad habits will be developed--Thanks to the services on offer

6) Things are going to be different once the course work starts. A lot more pressure to stay in the room/LRC and put in some work. These days the challenge has been to stay in the room with so much happening. I have spent not more than 5 hrs a day in my room :( (ofcourse all on sleeping zzzzz)

7) Blogging regularly looks like a challenge--

8) Lot of parties--one has to pick and choose

9) They should ve provided us with more than 1 section T shirt

A Lot to write--more would follow

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Choti si aasha( Humble aspirations)

Remember the song from the movie Roja--
So heres the mandatory do to, things to look fwd to kind of stuff. Basically an honest personal goal statement for myself before I begin this wonderful journey towards the ISB MBA:

1) Pass all the subjects atleast with B grade and try to get some A’s in the process( inspired from the thought that “dreams cost nothing”)
2) Try to know as many ppl as I can from the batch. My worst nightmare is that if five years down the line I meet another ISB grad and we are like : “oh which batch”
me : 2007 n u?
The person: me too? How come I don’t know you?
This situation is sad
3) Enhance my tennis skills at-least by one level.(Yaa I know this is in direct contradiction with point 1 but I am going to take some course on conflict resolution as well—so chill)
4) Be active in atleast two professional clubs
5) Learn from all the amazing ppl in the batch about their experiences, industries etc.( In the process jhadofy some gyaan about mine as well)
6) To make many good friends for life
7) Learn time management and prioritization( I think I lack in these areas)
8) Learn to say NO effectively ( I seriously lack this ability)
9) Leverage my background in finance to learn ( really learn) all the fascinating fin subjects that ISB has to offer
And last but not the least
10) Loose weight ( This has no direct correlation with the other goals but its always an integral part of all my do to lists—one goal that has never been achieved—may be @ ISB)

Ok so that’s all I would reveal—have many more dark secret desires but would keep them to myself---ppl would know when the time comes—
Just two days left—me ready to run----------
Looking fwd to a fun year---C u all @ ISB in about 48 hrs

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sawal Ek Crore kaa

The playwright in me wants to say something here. So here you go


The ISBian(TI) : A regular guy, who by plain good fortune has got into The Indian School of Business-lead character of the story
Daddy: ISBian’s father
Mummy: ISBian’s Mother
Mystery Gal(MG): ISBian’s friend who he feels should be his girlfriend ( anyways whats a play or a movie without a cute female --)
Friend 1, Friend 2: ISBian’s friends
Adosi, Padosi(AP): ISBian's nosy neighbors
Prospective Father in law(PF): The guy who wants The ISBian to marry his daughter(Of course the ISBian is least interested)
Unwarranted Stakeholders(US): People who think they are very important in the ISBian’s life but he thinks otherwise. Includes all kinds of unwanted relatives, people posing to be friends when they actually are not and all other junta whom the ISBian tries to avoid everytime he comes across them

Scene 1:

April 6th 20XX
A Red letter day in the history of Indian Bschool placements. Some mystery person from the previous batch has got an offer of Rs 1 crore (ofcourse it USD salary converted at maximum possible exchange rate). Mummy and Daddy are listening to the news. TI is chilling out doing nothing.

Daddy: Wow. The media is going ga ga over ISB placements. Some’s got one crore

TI: Yeah. Its not as pretty as it sounds

Mummy: Why you want to criticize everything? People are actually doing well these days. And look at you? Cant believe ISB took you!

TI: Yeah. Placements look good. But one crore is a cooked up figure. Plus the person getting it must be an amazing profile and loads of work ex

Daddy: Try to get One crore for yourself next year

TI: ( thinking) kya sapne hain huh

Phone rings

Friend 1: Hi TI
TI : Hi

Friend 1: Abe tu to crorepati ho gaya

TI: Kyon bhai

Friend 1: Arre news mein dekh. ISB walon to ek crore salary mil raha hai

TI: arre yaar first its not ek crore—its in dollars and then the profile of the person would be---

Friend 1: Arre chup yaar. Tub hi banega crorepati next year. Party de de jaldi se

TI: par yarr----

Friend 1: Ok sham ko party. Bye

TI: arre

1 min silence and phone rings again. This time it’s the English speaking MBA grad friend 2

Friend 2: Hi Dude

TI: Hey man wats up?

Friend 2: Man u are gonna be rich

TI: oh you too. Dint expect this from a US educated guy

Friend 2: What do you mean? One crore is big money even in the US

TI: but you know its actually not the only thing and then not everyone-----

Friend 2: Oh shutup. We deserve a party. You will sponsor booze. C ya at 8 tonite

TI: arre

Friend 2: Bye

TI is totally confused. Why is everyone so hyper about Ek crore? And why the hell should I throw a party for it?

Phone rings

TI; Hello
It’s the Mystery gal

MG: Hey crorepati

TI: (thinking) I want to be your pati not crorepati huh

MG: What placements—You must be really happy

TI: Well placements are good. But I have much more to do before I even think about it.

MG: oh o be happy. You would be the next crorepati

TI: well theoretically yes. Practically nooooooo way

MG: arre y not?

TI: You see theres a lot that needs to be done---

MG: arre don’t be ultra modest. You would be the next crorepati. I know that

TI: but---

MG: ok crorepati. Don’t forget friends once you are rich

TI; donno what to say

MG: take care of ur money

TI: bye

TI is almost nuts. The TV channels are going overboard with ISB placements and every channel TI flips is singing the one crore song. TI puts off the TV and decides to go for a walk.
Scene 2
US1: oh hi

TI: hello uncle

US1: I heard about ISB placements. Congrats

TI: I havnt got placed yet!

US1: oh you would. And you would get one crore. Then don’t forget this uncle

TI: (thinking) oh I have to know you first to be able to forget you
Similar pattern follows with atleast 5 more U.Ses coming to TI and talking about one crore. TI is totally mad and decides to go back home

Scene 3:
2-3 APs are sitting. Their eyes light up on the sight of TI.

AP1: oh here comes the future corepati

TI: (smiles subtly)

AP2: so what are you going to do with one crore

TI: just smiling.(thinking) I would buy the houses of you guys and throw you out of society just to have some peace

AP1: bade aadmi ho gaye ab to

TI: ok uncle I got to go. Retires to his room

Silence for 5 mins. Phone rings. It’s the deadly PF. Daddy picks up the phone

PF: arre Sir congrats. You son is going to an institution where ppl are getting crores

Daddy: thanks

Conversation goes on for 5 mins

Daddy: TI, PF wants you to atleast meet his daughter.

TI: not interested

Daddy: hes such a nice guy. Was so happy with one crore news

TI: (cant bear it anymore and shouts): I dint get one crore. Everyone doesn’t ok. And its not One crore and not everyone is so brilliant and blah and blah and blah

Scence 4:

TI is alone in the room. Lot of questions in mind

1) Why am I going to ISB? Just to get One crore?
2) What is the underlying purpose of an educational institution ? To impart education or to churn out crorepatis?
3) How am I going to live in this banal society if I don’t get one crore salary? What if I don’t get a job at all?
4) Why is everyone concentrating only on the end? No one talks about the means to achieve the end!
5) Why is the Indian media so irresponsible? Dissemination of information and flaring up to project an unwarranted picture has become a trademark of media. High time we do something about it
6) Why is just the placement report so important? Why cant the media talk about other things such as the quality of education, diversity, unique curriculum and a holistic experience which institutes like the ISB provide---Is being crorepati or not, the only parameter to judge a success of a person??? Atleast TI doesn’t agree



All characters in this play are fictitious. If they have a striking resemblance to any person living, dead or almost dead under the weight of being a future crorepati, its purely coincidental.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Countdown has begun-----

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2----------There I am @ ISB!!!!! (just)10 days left—lots to do. Next year same time I would also be writing senti blogs as the class of 2006. But before that lottttttttttttttttttttttts to learn and lots to do. Can really feel the heat and excitement now

Met fellow admits from Mumbai—Jolly good experience. Very happy that I would spend next one year with awesome guys like these and many many more.

Cant wait for April 15.